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Jeff Pine


Jeff Pine

jeff-pine.jpgSinger songwriter Jeffrey Pine has made a life of celebrating the natural world and inspiring others to rally for its preservation.

A renowned performing and recording artist, Jeffrey Pine is also a respected environmentalist and public lands activist. He is co-founder of ‘Free Our Forests’ and the ‘National Forest Defense Alliance’, two west-coast based organizations dedicated to preserving free public access to our national forests and parks.

With a wide array of interests and a diversified background as a speaker, photographer, ornithologist, lepidopterist, fine artist and musician, Jeffrey Pine effectively combines his many voices in a variety of compelling forums, such as live concerts, lectures and exhibits.

Jeff was born and raised in Reading, Pennsylvania, the son of Carol J. and John J. Breedy. He has two younger sisters, Christine and Louise, and a younger brother, Patrick.

As early as the third grade, Jeff had already developed an eye for detail and an artistic discipline that continues today into his adult life. Growing up, he had a paper route, washed dishes, picked fruit, volunteered at a nature center, framed pictures, and worked maintenance at a county park.

Jeff was quiet and shy as a teenager, preferring to concentrate on his creative abilities. He hiked, camped, and often exhibited his artwork in local shows.

And then his life took an unexpected turn in April of 1975:

“My father took me to see John Denver in a midnight concert at Philadelphia’s ‘Spectrum’.

“That night John Denver changed my life and gave to me a priceless and lifelong gift… the inspiration to find my own voice, and the confidence to use it. 

“Afterwards, I rapidly developed the skills that I needed to express myself not only socially, but academically, politically, and musically as well.

“Working through my insecurities and shyness was not an easy thing to do however, especially when it came to facing crowds of people. So, for a couple of unforgettable summers following the spring of ‘75, I would drive out to the countryside around my hometown to sing and practice my guitar.

“There, often at night, under a bright moon and a light breeze, along a lonely back road, the fields of corn looked like many thousands of people standing and applauding. I sang many happy songs back then for my cornstalk friends.

“Three years later, I worked up enough nerve to begin my career in 1979 in front of real audiences in the restaurants and clubs of Reading and Berks County, PA.

Jeff soon made many human friends, and a name for himself in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, literally playing hundreds of shows each year from ‘79 to 1983. Many of those performances were at Reading’s famous Blue Marsh Inn, where Jeff regularly sold out the 300 seat venue.

In 1984, Jeff relocated to the Santa Barbara, California area, where he became a well known fixture on the local music scene for over two decades.

Jeff’s performances as a singer songwriter are exciting events that appeal to all ages. Accompanying himself fluidly on 6 or 12 string acoustic guitar, and gifted with a beautiful voice, Jeffrey Pine has acquired a well deserved reputation as one of America’s premier solo artists.

Jeff’s original songs are both evocative and instantly memorable. Of particular note is his uncommon ability to hold an audience rapt for hours. Jeff’s presentation and subject matter vary considerably, and at times can be simple and direct, or metaphorical and visionary in context. At times his music is nature based, perhaps touching on current events or on personal issues, and ranges from the comical to the symphonic.

Whether creating vivid imagery through lyric and melody, or uniquely interpreting the human spirit in stories and in song, if only to entertain or to inspire… Jeffrey Pine is the apotheosis of a modern day troubadour.

Jeffrey Pine currently resides in Grand Junction, Colorado.


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